Babbu Butler: Season 2

The Fight To Babysit Ciel

+ bonus Will the grim reapie



  • just in case you didn’t know that Tanaka is a BAMF as capable as sebastian.



31/8/14— Keeping up the tradition of drawing ed chibis


These lovable cat-themed sweets were made by Caroline, a Japanese housewife. She creates them annually on Cat’s Day — February 22. The cat-shaped sweets are nerikiri: a traditional Japanese sweet made by mixing sweet white bean paste and glutinous rice. Caroline tints and sculpts them into various shapes and styles; then puts them on pancakes and doughnuts as edible decorations. They’re just too cute to eat!

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it started out as a screenshot redraw…. but it ended up being a huge project omg…

I think Sakura and Nozaki found Narnia’s changing room.

Hey the names molly (Tsuntsun/Tsuni is my character's name) and I'm 18 (03/22) welcome to my blog! I hope you find what your looking for and enjoy it! though as a warning i do like yaoi, so...yeah haha.
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